Ford’s Bad Ad





What Happened?

In 2013 Ford had to apologize for an advertisement that an ad company in India called JWT India released these unapproved ads onto the internet. They released three different version of this ad, one with Paris Hilton with all of the Kardashian sisters in the trunk of the car. The ads were meant to showcase the large trunk that the small Ford Figo had, but that is not the way that the audiences received it.

What Went Wrong?

Ford let an ad company that they hired release an ad featuring a scandalous Italian politician with women in revealing clothing tied up in his trunk.  This ad was seen as being very offensive and received backlash from women’s rights groups.


The ad probably shouldn’t have been created in the first place, but this incident could have been avoided with proper communication.  It is our recommendation that Ford fires the agency that made this offensive ad and keeps a close watch on the new company they hire. To showcase the bigger trunk a little better they could have shown less offensive things, like golf clubs or fishing gear. They even could have gotten creative or gotten a little funny and portrayed something like a walrus fitting in the trunk.


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