Radice: 5 Social Media Blunders to Avoid

Social Media - strategy concept
Social Media – strategy concept

Originally shared by Dr. Tracy Tuten, author of “Social Media Marketing 2nd Ed.” via Twitter. Original article written by Rebekah Radice titled “5 Deadly Social Media Blunders to Avoid.”

As young professionals getting your feet wet in the social media advertising and marketing environment, it’s hard to know what to do and what to avoid.

Rebekah Radice defines the following five pitfalls to avoid:

1. Not Creating an Omni-Channel Strategy
Radice stresses the importance of not expecting your customer to come looking for you! Customer’s needs are priority one. Find out where they hang out and be there. Maintaining a consistent brand message, while tailoring content to specific platforms is key. Note: Omni-channel is taking multi-channel to the next level by providing a consistent experience across all channnels.

2. Buying Followers Instead of Building Relationships
Purchasing followers never ends well and does nothing to retain customers and promote customer loyalty. Instead find out:

  • WHO you are connecting with on social media
  • What ISSUES or problems you can solve for them
  • Identify their specific NEEDS

3. Posting & Running
Relationships are two-way. You must LISTEN as well as speak! Start a conversation or jump into one – IF you have something to add that will provide value.

4. ONLY Posting Promotional Content
We’ve talked about this at length in class. You have to have mix. This will look different for everyone but a good place to start is 4/1; four non-promotional posts to every one promotional. Other content should include motivational, educational, and shared content (from trustworthy sources).

5. No Long-Term Commitment
Don’t give up! Stick with it. Building relationships takes time and effort. Establish a plan and stick with it.  Slowly tweak it, weeding out the stuff that’s not working. Radice suggest creating a daily checklist (CONTENT PLAN!), creating a trackable and measurable system you can repeat every day.

Her article is a great read! Click the link at the top to access the full article. Dr. Tuten’s book provides awesome tips for establishing a complete social media marketing strategy. I highly recommend it!


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